Balinese Figures Melasti Ceremony Wood Carving Bali Folk art Statue Sculpture

$ 159.00


We are offering you a beautifully done rendition of this special day, a hand carved folk art sculpture comprised of four colorful figures, complete with gong, offerings and Balinese umbrella. Balinese Hindu devotees dressed in their finest temple attire for this auspicious day of purification. Mounted upon a base of solid wood that is colorfully painted and decorated with gold leaf. Carved using a native Balinese  wood called Balau, painted in the traditional Balinese style.

A beautiful unusual work of folk art for your home. A stunning decorators piece.  Fantastic on a mantle or console table. A great gift for the lover of Balinese culture or Asian art.

  • Size
  • 23" long
  • 17" tallest point
  • 3" wide


About Melasti: Melasti is a Hindu ceremony to purify Bhuana Alit (the world) and Bhuana Agung (the universe) this takes place 3 days before the Balinese Hindu Saka New Year, Nepyi. This is performed with a procession of thousand of Balinese by marching to the sea or to rivers with the  the ritual objects Keris, Barong, Pratima, flags, gongs, umbrellas and offerings of incense, fruit and flowers.  These bodies of water are believed to be a place to purify all the elements of this universe.  This procession is a unique Balinese Hindu ceremony and one of the most important each year.

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