Balinese Garuda Mask Protector Hand Carved wood Bali Wall Art

$ 96.00

Our Balinese Garuda Mask is based on a traditional, vintage mask style and is hand carved especially for Acadia World Traders by talented artisans on the island of Bali from albesia wood. The forehead of Garuda is carved and painted with beautiful detail. His mouth is open with a curling tongue The artist has painted this in beautifully detailed traditional Balinese style with antiqued white paint, red, green, blue, black & gold leaf. A very cool mask perfect wall art for your eclectic decor or for the mask collector. Includes cord and is ready to hang in your collection.
  • Artisan crafted in Bali
  • Solid wood
  • Ships FAST from our location in the USA
  • A really nice piece for the collector or as a stunning focal point for your eclectic home decor.I have a few of these mask, each mask will be slightly different. This is not a flaw but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of this unique product.

About Garuda: The eagle, is a lesser Hindu god, the mount of Vishnu, one of the main forms of God in Hinduism. He wears a crown on his head like his master, Vishnu. He is ancient and huge, and can block out the sun.
Garuda came to life shining like fire, his glaring light filling the firmament in all directions. The amazed gods thought that doomsday was coming and that at last, the time had come for the burning of the three worlds. But Agni, the god of fire, knew the truth, and he harangued the other gods with these words: "O you gods, don't you be frightened. The time has not come for my burning of the world. Doomsday is still far away. What light is it you see? It is Garuda's light. Powerful among the birds.

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