Balinese Mask Barong Singa Lion Topeng Hand carved wood Bali wall art Indonesia

$ 79.00

Hand carved from albesia wood on the Island of Bali, in the town of Ubud. This mask is Barong Singa Lion. It is intricately hand painted and gold leafed in the traditional style. This mask is great over a window or door and is meant to be a protector or guardian to keep evil spirits or bad energy from entering your home. Sure to be a great addition to your mask collection, or a wonderful addition to any eclectic decor. Each mask may vary slightly in carving and paint, this is not to be considered a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted nature of this unique product.


  • Complete with cord for hanging
  • The wings are removable for ease in shipping
  • Size is about 
  • 15" WIDE
  • 13" TALL
  • 6" DEEP



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