Balinese Shush Buddha Mask Sculpture Statue Wall Art hand carved wood Bali Vintage style

$ 98.00

Shush Buddha Mask. Hand carved from sustainably grown albesia wood in Bali by talented wood carvers high upon the mountain slopes of north of Ubud. . It is then hand painted in typical Balinese style, with antiqued white paint with a gold bracelet on the wrist

The face rest upon the folded hand with the index finger held to the lips with the shush gesture which forms the base for display upon a tabletop or shelf. But could also be hung on a wall if you added a hook to the back.

This is a fun mask, and will make a fantastic addition to any mask collection, or as part of your eclectic decor. Made to stand on a shelf or tabletop, you may also add a hook to hang on your wall if you like.

  • Each mask will have slight differences in the painting and carving, and size this is due to the hand crafted nature of this unique product and not to be considered a flaw.
  • Approx. size: 13.5" tall X 8" wide X 6" deep
  • Solid wood

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