Rustic Balinese Tree Spirit Mask Wood Carving Hollow Tree Sculpture

$ 349.00

Rustic Balinese Tree Spirit Carved from a chunk of hollow tree. This unique & imaginative carving was skillfully hand carved by talented Carver Dewa Mulia of Bali utilizing the trunk of a hollow tree. A white wash has been applied to enhance the carving. This is mounted on a simple wood base for display. A unique decorators piece, great on a mantel, console table.

Any small checks, chisel marks or imperfections in the wood are natural and are part of the charm & a reflection of the handcrafted natural origins of this unique carving.

I have included many photos of a this fantastic carving for you to review from every angle. It is a one of a kind piece, and you will  be receiving the exact sculpture pictured here. THIS IS NOT A MASS PRODUCED PIECE. But a unique one of a kind work of art. And I am sure you will never see another exactly like this. 


      • Specifications
      • Base is removable for easy shipping 
      • 24" wide
      • 12" deep
      • 22" tall
      • Hand Carved from a chunk of hollow log
      • Crafted in Bali Indonesia
      • Ships FAST from the USA

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