Yoga Mermaid Statue Figurine Dhanurasana Pose Bali Wood Carving Balinese Art

$ 59.95

Mermaid Yoga Bow Pose Dhanurasana

Our own NEW Yoga Mermaid hand carved by a Master Carver near Ubud Bali, is a whimsical work of spiritual art. Crafted from one single piece of suar wood, prized by the Balinese for it's beautiful grain that is perfect for creating finer carvings such as this. 

This Sweet Mermaid Lady is cleverly carved in a yoga bow position  and  hand polished to a rich deep tone for a truly unique work of art. This is the perfect gift for that person who is into yoga or meditation.

Each Mermaid is beautifully handcrafted & each may be slightly different in expression, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of this unique product.


      • Measures
      • 6" T
      • 8" W
      • 2.5" D


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