Balinese Winged Dewi Sri Goddess Mobile Demon Chaser Carved Wood Bali Art 30"

$ 489.00

Balinese Dewi Sri the Rice Goddess mobile winged flying mobile.  Granddaughter of Vishnu, is a ubiquitous icon in Bali. Her image can be seen in many forms from finely sculpted wood figures such as this one, to stone carvings to palm leaf decorations. No Balinese deity is better loved and more worshipped than Dewi Sri. She is the female aspect of rice and is both male and female. She is officially known as the Hindu Goddess of agrarian fertility and is one of the most important guardian deities in Bali.

Our Dewi Sri is hand carved from albesia wood and painted with intricate detail to look like traditional fabric & embellished with gold leaf. Her finely painted wings flow out gracefully behind her. An impressive 30" long with a 37" wing span, this will be amazing hung in the center of a room with high ceilings.  Painted in shades of teal with touches of red & goldleaf highlights. Perfect for your eclectic or Asian inspired home decor. Or just the perfect Dewi to top off your collection!

  • One of a kind, you will be receiving exactly the Goddess in the photos.
  • Artisan crafted in Bali
  • 30" long
  • 37" wing tip to wing tip
  • 12" deep
  • Wings are removable
  • Includes heavy nylon cord and hook
  • Ships FAST from our location in the USA

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