Balinese Demon Chasers & Guardian Mobiles

Our collection of Winged Mermaids, Dewi Sri Goddesses and other mythical & worldly creatures such as Dragons and Seahorses are handcrafted high up in the mountains of Bali as they have been for generations.

Carefully hand carved from sustainable albesia wood and carefully painted by hand. We have been working with the same family who produce these magical figures for us for over 20 years now. The men folk carefully carve each block of wood into the form & the women sand and paint the details on by hand. A unique cottage industry product brought to you by Acadia World Traders directly from the family who craft these wonderful works of folk art. 

These Magical Mobiles are believed by the Balinese to repel the mischievous nature spirits and demons that disturb humans and play tricks upon them, placed in a high spot to scare off and prevent these spirits from entering the home. 

You will love the mystical presence that these figures evoke hung in your home or special retreat. A true touch of Bali for your special space.