Magic Mushroom Cluster Statue Parasite Wood Carving Handmade Bali Art Sculpture

$ 38.95

Wild Magic Capped Mushrooms Parasite Wood Carving is hand carved from chinaberry wood from the island of Bali. The chinaberry is known for the unique formations in the wood, caused by a type of mushroom that grows into the branches. The branches die and fall off the trees. The carvers then gather these branches for carving and incorporate the unique shapes caused by the growth into their carvings. Each carving is a unique work of art.

Polished to a natural golden finish, allowing the beautiful grain of the wood to shine through. Very nice work done by the skilled carvers of Bali!

Each carving is especially hand carved for us in Bali. Because of this no two sculptures are exactly alike and may vary slightly in size and placement, this is a reflection of the hand crafted nature of this product.

  • A unique conversation piece and fun folk art from Bali!
  • Each piece measurements & carving may vary slightly
  • Approx. size: 4" tall - 4" X 3" wide
  • Genuine wood
  • Artisan crafted
  • Ships FAST from the USA

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