Balinese Flying GARUDA Mobile Eagle Spiritchaser Demon Chaser Mount of Vishnu Hand Carved Wood Bali Folk Art

$ 98.00

Traditional Balinese Garuda Eagle mobile is hand carved by the talented carvers with amazing attention to detail from sustainable fast growing albesia wood. Beautifully detailed hand painted polychrome finish in red, green and black with gold leaf accents in the traditional Balinese style.

This wonderful and dramatic work will be sure to grace you home or sacred space with his powerful presence. I am sure you will love and enjoy this amazing artwork of Bali as much as I do. Each Garuda may be slightly different than the photo, this is due to to hand crafted nature of his unique product.

Approx. size: 15" long x 18" wing tip to wing tip x 7" tall
Includes hook and cord for hanging
The wings are removable for ease in storage and shipping.
Ethically sourced
Artisan crafted in Bali
Sustainable albesia wood
Ships FAST from the USA

Story of Winged Guardians

The Flying Winged Spirit Guardians (also sometimes called "Cradle Guardians") myth goes all the way back ancient Majapahit Mythology, the roots of Balinese culture and art.

These Guardian figures are still produced by Balinese artisans today for they have deep cultural & spiritual significance. Typically these carvings have been used in temples or homes since ancient times to ward off evil spirits. They are always hung in a high spot, or if a statue placed on a beam or shelf looking down towards a door or window. Many types may be found from flying angels (known as "Dewi" which means "Goddess" in Balinese), animals or strange hybrids, such as head of a horse head & tail of a fish, or "Gajamina" head of an elephant & tail of a fish. It is believed that a Flying Guardian placed in ones home or sacred space will drive away evil spirits and protect the premises from harm.

About Garuda
The eagle, is a lesser Hindu god, the mount
of Vishnu, one of the main forms of God in Hinduism.
He wears a crown on his head like his master, Vishnu.
He is ancient and huge, and can block out the sun.
Garuda came to life shining like fire, his glaring light filling the firmament in all directions. The amazed gods thought that doomsday was coming and that at last, the time had come for the burning of the three worlds. But Agni, the god of fire, knew the truth, and he harangued the other gods with these words: "O you gods, don't you be frightened. The time has not come for my burning of the world. Doomsday is still far away. What light is it you see? It is Garuda's light. Powerful among the birds.

Garuda decorates the back of the main shrine of all temples in Bali.
He is also the national symbol of Indonesia