Balinese Garuda Eagle Mask Topeng Hand Carved Wood Bali Wall Art Indonesian

$ 72.00

Balinese Garuda Mask Hand Carved From Wood in Bali by talented carvers from albesia wood. It is then hand painted in the traditional style in antique white with red, blue, green and black accents, with gold leaf trim.

This type mask is a guardian or protector that is often hung over doorways or windows to stop evil spirits or demons from entering. Perfect addition to your mask collection,

The Balinese use the Drama or Calang Arang to tell stories that have been passed down for generations. Each mask embodies a different character. The Balinese believe that when a performer wears a mask that he becomes the character they are portraying, or that the mask comes to life. The mask are blessed by a Hindu priest before each performance. The performances are considered sacred. And an important part of Balinese culture.

Each mask may be slightly different in size, carving and painting, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of this unique mask.

  • Specifications
  • Side wings are pegged & removable for easy shipping & storage
  • Includes cord for hanging
  • Approx. size: 13" tall - 7" deep - 16" wide
  • Hand Carved & Painted

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