Japanese Jizo Garden Statue Protector of Children Mothers Travelers Handmade

$ 55.00

Handcrafted Jizo Protector of Children, Mothers & Travelers Garden Statue. Our Jizo statues are handcrafted in Bali by a casting method using a combination of volcanic sand from the many active volcanoes & concrete. These lovable & whimsical statues will look magical tucked into your garden beneath the leafy green foliage and flowers.

  • Each Jizo statue will have slight variations in color due to the handmade nature of this unique product.
  • Three style to choose
  • Jizo w/baby ~ 9 inches tall x 4 inch diameter
  • Jizo Praying ~ 8 inches tall x 4 inch diameter
  • Namaste Jizo ~ 5 inches tall x 5 inch diameter
  • Solid hand cast volcanic sand/concrete
  • Handcrafted in Bali
  • Ships FAST from our location in the USA
about Jizo:
Jizo is an enlightened being in East Asian Buddhism. Depicted as a Buddhist monk, the meaning of his name is Earth Stone, Earth Treasury, Earth Womb, or Earth Matrix.

Jizo is the beloved protector of women, children and travelers & lost souls & may appear in many different forms.

Women & mothers pray to Jizo for fertility and ease during childbirth.

Sometimes depicted cradling a baby in his arms. He is often found at boundaries between places both physical and spiritual, between here and there, life and death.

Protector of travelers, he guides us on our life journey, giving strength to those who are weak and to those in dangerous places.

Jizo is full of awesomeness, love, compassion and fortitude. Jizo does not anger & he will never give up, even when trampled and trod upon like the earth.

The Jizo’s mantra is Om ka ka kabi sanmaei sowaka. 

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