Jungle Buddha Manidhari Mudra Statue Painted Wood Carving Sculpture Bali Art

$ 249.00

Wishing Jewel Buddha statue, hands held in the Manidhari Mudra hand gesture. Hand carved of crocodile wood, the village artisans of Kiliki village have  used this carving as a canvas to delicately hand paint a Balinese jungle landscape. 

The wood is left the natural color and the acrylic paint is delicately painted with fine details. A lush jungle scene is painted in vibrant colors,  trees, flowers, foliage,  water and tropical butterflies make up the magical landscape of Bali. The colors are  tones of green, orange & saffron with colorful flowers & butterflies. The entire artwork has been hand waxed to bring out the color and grain of this gorgeous wood. Please review photos I have included above. #5

Placed in your home or sacred space this truly Beautiful One Of a Kind Buddha is sure to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your surroundings.

I only offer a few of these carvings each year for sale, as this is not the common mass produced item you so often see on the market today. You will receive the exact piece we have pictured here.  As this is one of a kind treasure. Signed by the painter.

  • Specifications
  • 8" tall x 6" wide x 3"  deep
  • Hand Carved wood
  • Crafted in Bali
  • Ships FAST from the USA

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