Dewi Sri Fertility Goddess Mother & Baby Crib Guardian Mobile

$ 54.00

 Mother & Child Flying Dewi Sri Winged Mobile, a mother Dewi Sri is carrying her baby wrapped in a green bunting.

Hand crafted in Bali by talented artisans. Albesia wood is carved & hand painted in shades of blue with great detail then decorated with touches of gold leaf on her flowing wings.

A really unique piece of folk art from Bali where babies are sacred! A Balinese mother holds her baby, never putting them down on the ground until they reach a certain age. Then the Family performs a special ceremony for this special day , when the infants feet are at last allowed to touch the ground for the first time!  

  • Specifications
  • The wings are removable for easy shipping.
  • includes cord and hook ready to hang
  • 16" long head to tail
  • 8"wingspan
  • sustainable albesia wood
  • handcrafted in Bali Indonesia
  • Ships FAST from the USA

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