Balinese Women Guardian statue Polychrome wood carving sculpture Bali Folk Art

$ 398.00

Balinese Women Guardian Statue is hand carved from cempaka wood. Posed holding a hands in a mudra  or blessing. The guardian's  sarong is painted in the poleng motif of black and white checks which is highly regarded by the Balinese. The poleng cloth symbolizes the concept of balance and harmony that permeates throughout the Balinese way of life. Carvings like this are often placed in temples and homes and act as protectors or guardians.
Hand painted polychrome finish in orange, antique white with shades of white, blue, red, green and black accents  with gilded gold highlights in the traditional Balinese style. The wood has an aged patina and signs of wear to the paint. Overall the wood is in excellent condition, does have a grain crack, please refer to photos. 

About Poleng textile: When a poleng cloth dresses a statue, shrine, tree, or other item, it means that a spirit resides within. The poleng cloth is a believed by the Balinese to be a guardian symbol, so when a statue or object wears the poleng sarong this signifies that the cloth is guarding the energy within, keeping the black-and-white energy of that statue or object intact.

You will receive the exact carving you see here. This is not a stock photo. All of my fine Hindu and Buddhist sculptures are one of a kind works of art that I choose by myself directly from the artist in Bali, many who I have had relationships with for 20 plus years now.
This wonderful and dramatic original work will be sure to grace your home or sacred space with his powerful presence.

  • Approx. size: 28" x 5" x 5" 
  • Approx. weight: 13 lbs
  • One of a kind, you receive the exact carving pictured here
  • Artisan crafted in Bali
  • Solid chempaka wood
  • Ships FAST from our location in the USA

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